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Alexandra Holden

Human Cleric, Aubrey

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Self-appointed protector of Aubrey, Alexandra has seen much suffering due entirely to the vampire population which loitered just the edge of her beloved town. Although she dedicated her life to eradicating them, she is just one woman, and vampires are unfathomably dangerous. If she were to be reckless, than Aubrey would have lost all hope with her death. Not to mention that a regular vampire is dangerous, while a vampire who is already aware of battle strategies and trained in the art of fighting is much, much worse.

When a group of travelers came to her village and begged for them to join the battle against Overwatch, the one condition that was given was that they had to take out the king of the vampire gang, Edward. When they did manage to do so, Alexandra could not have been more pleased. Her town was finally free of that blight, and she would happily bring her Gods wrath to the gates of Overwatch in return for that salvation.


Alexandra is a particularly frightening foe to meet in battle. Tall and bulky in her heavy armor, not even the soft addition of long blond hair and sparkling blue eyes can hinder her intimidating presence. She is kind at heart, but years of defending the defenseless made her become battle-hardened and she does see the world in stark black and white. Any gray she once knew disappeared the first time she saw a monster dig their teeth into a comrades throat.


First appearance in Episode 31

Highlight for current status - { Alexandra is still alive as of Arc 1, Episode 200 }