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Angus White

Human Cleric, Aubrey

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As the head cleric to the Sun God in a town ravaged by vampires, Angus White had quite a lot to deal with in his long life. He dedicated his life to helping people, and there was an abundance of people in need of help in Aubrey. When Angus was told there was a war to be fought elsewhere, his only reason to flinch away was that he would be leaving the defenseless alone in a town plagued with darkness. Essentially, he would be signing up those who stayed behind as fodder for the beasts.

And so he struck a deal with his fellow Cleric, a warpriest named Rodswell Joybottom. If he took out the nearby vampire nest and destroyed their leader, Edward, he would heal their men in the battle to come. The group went forward on their end of the deal, and so Angus brought his healers to the Overwatch battle to help save those he could.


A very, very old man, Angus has outlived many friends. He is bald and wrinkled, frail looking with robes falling from his lithe form. However, looks can be deceiving, and he has powerful healing magic at his control. He holds himself with authority and wisdom which matches his years on this world.


First appearance in Episode 32

Highlight for current status - { Father White is still alive as of Arc 1, Episode 200 }