InSpectres 1

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Things are amiss in Pittsburgh, PA, and only one group can make things right! They are the Big Turtle Boyz Paranormal Investigations! Based in an eerily familiar looking abandoned fire station on the outskirts of town, the gang tears ass around in their Jeep Superleggera. Armed with their super advanced 7G cell phones and gigantic spear gun they chase down any alien that would dare disrupt the peaceful existence of the people of Pittsburgh.

DATE: 07/09/2013
The Big Turtle Boyz are visited by Lucy Wong, the lead cheerleader from the University of Pittsburgh, because many of her cheerleaders have gone missing in the past couple of days. Sex, goo, and spaceships ensue.


  • Robert Wiesehan as The GM
  • Jason Massey as Jason
    • Specialty: Dancing

  • Justin Massey as Justin
    • Specialty: Stabbing

  • Tyler Wilson as Tyler
    • Specialty: One-man band

  • Jake White as Jake
    • Specialty: Dog whisperer

  • Tom Rose as Tom
    • Specialty: Witty one-liners


  • Chester – Jake’s dog
  • Lucy Wong – University of Pittsburgh cheerleader
  • Paul Dennis – Alien, giant spear gun salesman, pornographer

Deaths/Notable Kills

  • Nameless cheerleader that came back to life and then promptly stabbed by Justin
  • Other dead cheerleaders


  • This was the first bonus InSpectres episode. The InSpectres shows were originally intended as bonus/filler content when a normal episode could not be taped due to scheduling/illness.