InSpectres 3

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DATE: 09/15/2013
CASE FILE: The Waxed Action Hero

A dusky, mysterious woman seeks asylum with the Big Turtle Boyz, but things take an epic turn when Jason skips his shift at the Cosmic Quiche and meets this damsel in distress.


  • Robert Wiesehan as The GM
  • Jason Massey as Jason
    • Specialty: Dancing
  • Justin Massey as Justin
    • Specialty: Stabbing
  • Tyler Wilson as Tyler
    • Specialty: One-man band
  • Brian "Cookie" Cook as Brian
    • Specialty: Punctuality
  • Tom Rose as Tom
    • Specialty: Witty one-liners


  • Princess Nikara - Princess of the Chubbychasers of Gunt
  • Prince Shinzon - Prince of the Austro-German like invaders
  • Advisor - Skeptical adviser to Prince Shinzon
  • Giso - Leader of the Gunt rebels

Deaths/Notable Kills

  • In this epic space adventure... only two of the Austro-German invaders were killed. Justin stabbed them both at the very beginning of the episode


  • The gang has an in depth conversation about editing and censorship at the end of this episode.