Brightport, the City of Thieves, is a city known to be home to the less respectable of folk. Many a thief and assassin make their livelihoods in Brightport, though there are also plenty in the city with no livelihood outside of ‘drunk’.

The city is run by the three “Houses of Brightport”, who rule over the city by casting votes using their totems. Each totem amounts to 33% of the final vote, and each house owns one. The houses are Silverclaw, Dragonskeep, and Hammerhand, and each have such an invested stake in the votes that they often land in stalemate.

Group 2 was the first to arrive in Brightport in Episode 11. Group 1 finally made it to the city in Episode 102.

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Notable Residents

Placed Around Town

  • The Filigreed Fawn - Pawn shop, Tessia Grimnas, Proprietor
  • House Dragonkeep (formerly Darksbane) - Specializes in potions and rare herbs
  • House Hammerhand - Specializes in contracted guards and shieldhands
  • House Silverclaw - Specializes in the shadier aspects of crime
  • The Rusty Nipple - Tavern and Whorehouse, Graddik, Proprietor
  • Safe Haven - Tavern
  • The Supple Companion - A more upscale whorehouse than the Rusty Nipple
  • The Stout Adventurer - A Dwarven bar


  • Approx. 35,000


  • The city is ruled equally by the 3 houses, Dragonkeep (formerly Darksbane), Silverclaw and Hammerhand.