Calluna Vulgaris

Wilden Shaman (Arc 1)/ Wilden Druid (Arc 2)

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First appearance in Arc 1, Episode 74


Calluna was born and raised in the Silver Glade. She was known among her tribe for being exceptionally cheery and energetic, even for a child. When it was discovered that she had a connection to spirits, the entire tribe was happy to see her begin training to become a shaman. She was taught the arts of healing, and encouraged to use her abilities to aid others. This training kept her from exploring the forest as the rest of her tribe did - though she was certainly familiar with the dangerous wildlife. Confinement and tedious lessons bred curiosity and wanderlust, and when the tribe felt the destruction of the Evergreen, Calluna was the first to volunteer to investigate.

Unfortunately for Calluna, she was deemed too important - and fragile - to investigate such a dangerous matter, and hunters were sent out instead. When none of them returned, Calluna volunteered to leave once more, and refused to take "no" for an answer. She made her way out of the Silver Glade, picking up her future best friend, Marrek Aethelred, along the way. Calluna heard rumors of the Overwatch and their actions as she and Marrek made their way east, but refused to settle for mere words. Upon reaching the Evergreen and seeing the destruction wrought by the Overwatch and their Warforged, Calluna resolved to take them down by whatever means necessary. It was this resolve that led Calluna and Marrek to Esterholt, where they joined up with Group 3.


The key word with Calluna is “feline.” She carries herself like a cat, sort of loose and fluid but ready to pounce at any moment. Her face is very cat-like, especially in the nose. Her eyes are big, round, and sunshine yellow. Her mouth curves in the slightest suggestion of a muzzle, and she has teeth like a cat’s but with smaller fangs. Her ears are pointed like an elf’s, and her nose is wide and flat and sort of resembles a lion’s snout.

Her build is fairly average, just a bit on the thinner side; she’s built like a marathon runner. She’s not very curvy, she’s mostly straight lines. She’s borderline masculine, with shoulders that are slightly broader than her hips. She has slight claws, which more closely resemble sharp fingernails. She has digitigrade legs. Her head is covered in almost a bush of leaves, which mostly obscure the bark horn-crown-thing that Wilden seem to have. She has vines hanging from the bush like hair, and each vine’s length varies anywhere from mid-neck to shoulder. She has a cape of leaves that extends to just under her butt.

Her bark is a pale brown, like a sapling that’s starting to become a real tree, with the texture of beech bark. Her belly is a slightly lighter shade of brown, and this light color also covers her face from the bottom of her chin to just over her eyes. Her back and limbs are covered in brown stripes, which are a mix of hyena stripes and brindle streaks; they have the pattern and shape of hyena stripes, with the rough, textured look of brindle. She has Amaranth and Wood Sorrel growing on her right shoulder, Hemlock and Wolfsbane on her left shoulder, and heather and berries on her head; these plants can all be replaced or removed if they look weird or are too much of a pain to draw.

She wears a pair of old, worn-out leather pants that don’t quite reach her ankles, held up by a leather belt with a few pouches on it. Her chest armor is like a halter top; it circles the neck like a collar, and her upper back is exposed so her cape isn’t trapped. Her shoulders and midriff are bare. She also wears a pair of leather bracers. Her blades are held across her chest, with a silver dagger closest to her right hand and a whittling knife kept further away. When in use, she keeps her totem in her right hand, with the rope wrapped around her wrist. The totem itself resembles the jaguar car hood ornament, but with the paws help up more and made of wood, with a rope woven from thin vines extending where the tails would be and looping back. The body and top of the head of the jaguar are well-worn from being held and rubbed.

Calluna portrait.png




  • Befriended a unicorn, later named Persnickity in Episode 89
  • Member, Shield of Grace
  • Stood toe to toe with werewolf Marrek in Episode 111
  • Calluna can read and write Elvish, but not Common

ACHIEVEMENTS EARNED...............................10

Earned by
Earned in Episode
I thought we were friends
Knock out, or be knocked out by an ally
Totally satisfying.........................................
Acquire a named land mount (not just naming a horse).....................
Tame a wild animal
I get around
Visit 5 towns or cities
Air Amarah
Travel by dragon
Gas station sushi
Get food poisoning
Survive 30 episodes in a row (that you are in)
All by myself
Complete a solo skill challenge
Island hopper
Leave the Mainland and make land at another island
Yo ho ho!
Travel by ship (eye patch optional)