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Charles Tully

Human Merchant
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Charles Tully was a simple traveling merchant, using what meager returns he made on his investments to feed his family. Often his work would take him far and wide, but never so much so as the time he was instructed to deliver some fruit and grains to Onak-Al from his hometown of Whitehedge. While that trip on it’s own was standard enough, he never received the payment he was due upon arrival, instead he found his life threatened and his cart hijacked by a band of escaped slaves. They told him he wouldn't want to go into the city anyhow, as it had been ravaged by the undead.

Charles was less than thrilled to take them at their word, but given that the group was armed and had a tiefling with them wielding a huge weapon, there was not much he could do to preserve his cargo. The group only further insulted him by eating his resources as they drove his cart all the way to the town of Brightport. Once the group disembarked, it is assumed that Charles made his way back home, his cart and pride a bit battered but hopefully with a story convincing enough that his employers did not to give his job to another.


A hard, demanding man with a hard, demanding job, Charles was the sort of no-nonsense gentleman who really was simply not prepared for the insanity that life offered him. He kept his head shaved to keep the hair from adding heat during his frequent travels to the desert (and perhaps to disguise his receding hairline as a choice rather than fate and age), which only added to the severity of his overall physical being. He was not a rich man or a poor man, dressing in simple but clean clothes.


First appearance in Episode 24

Highlight for current status - { Charles' status and whereabouts are unknown after he was released in Episode 25 }


  • Charles was cart-jacked by Group 2 in Episode 24 and forced to take them to Brightport.