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David Crowley

Human Facilitator, Brightport

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David grew up in the city of Brightport as an orphan after his parents were killed in a mugging, as is common in the city. He was taken in by the clergy in Brightport and was taught how to read and write, two skills that he seemed to have a talent for. The life of a priest or a cleric was not what David wanted however and he left the clergy when he was old enough.

By the age of twenty five, David had become a very resourceful man with his long list of connections that branched out all over Theria. Before long, he had made a name for himself in Brightport as the guy who could get anything you needed. But David wasn't naïve. He realized that to survive in Brightport a man needed allies, so when the position of Steward became available in House Darksbane, David seized the opportunity.

For the next five years, he organized the house's affairs for the leader of the house, Emon Thermack. He witnessed experiments, executions, abductions and other illicit deeds which ultimately made him resent Thermack.

Thermack was slain by the adventures Daegon Arcanscape, Rikus, Trixy, Baranith and Galford Gardriz. After the group of adventurers took possession of Thermack's Gold Dragon, they decided to took control of House Darksbane. Renaming it House Dragonskeep, David offered his services as a Steward to the new group. They gracefully accepted his offer.


David has a light tan and has developed a taste for the finer things in life, preferring to wear formal clothing rather than the cultist attire of House Darksbane.

David is of a self preserving nature and takes a change in his stride to always land feet first. He has learned that the people of the house are not his main concern, the people will come and go, his concern is the house itself and making sure it survives a change of leadership.


First appearance in Episode 30

Highlight for current status - { David is assumed to be alive after Arc 1, Episode 200 }


  • David appears in Episode 30 and still assists Tessia with House Dragonkeep business.