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Group 3

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After recovering from Jadzia's ordeal, the party decides to camp at the base of the mountain for the night before taking Amarah back to Esterholt. They talk a little about recent events and lack of communication and after most bed down for the night, Fie tells Una he is leaving the group to pursue his future with House Silverclaw and returns Kord's Gale to her at her request.

After waking in the morning, Una lets the group know that Fie has left and they go about dying her hair as something of a disguise for being less noticeable in town. In the confusion, Marrek grabs her hair at the base of her neck and cuts it off and is nearly beaten for it. Jadzia gives her a new hair style and they are off to Esterholt.

Amarah leaves the group to go hunt for some food and Una splits from the party as they enter town. Upon reaching the mansion, they find it boarded up, and once inside discover it to be ransacked.

Una locates Sariff to warn him that Silverclaw is coming for him and they discuss her parentage and confirm that he is indeed her father.
Soon, they meet the others at the house, learning that the library has been gutted and apparently Julie and the Temple of Kord are behind it.

As they try to figure out how to proceed, Julie yells into the house from the street demanding Una give herself up to the temple.
With the house surrounded, Una goes outside to confront Julie and antagonizes her into a one on one duel as the paladins look on.
While they fight, Sariff signals his men to attack the paladins and while everyone is fighting, Amarah returns and is under attack by several red dragons.
Marrek banishes Amarah to relative safety and Una knocks Julie out. The red dragons begin to attack Esterholt as the party retreats into the mansion with Julie's unconscious body.


Una - Izzy
Jadzia - Brianne
Fie - Cat
Marrek - Jasper
Calluna - Mac



Deaths/Notable Kills

Julie, knocked out by Una

Locations Visited

Highmantle Forest


This would be Cat's last episode on the show playing Fie.