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Group 3

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As Una carries Julie into the basement dungeon, the group tries to figure out how to deal with her, Sariff and the dragon problem.
While discussing what to do with Julie, Marrek is hit with a wave of pain caused by sending Amrarah into the void and he begins to wolf out. Jadzia grabs the keys and frees Julie just in time to escape and block the door, locking him inside as he turns.

Meanwhile, Una, Vallus and Sariff join the paladins outside to fight the dragons. Una begins ordering the paladins to attack the dragons in order and they start to fall as Julie, Jadzia and Calluna enter the fray.

The party and Paladins of Kord , along with Julie work together to fight the last of the dragons as Amarah finally returns from the void to tear into two of the dragons herself. With that distraction, Sariff pounces on Julie, holding a knife to her throat and trying to win Una's approval to end her life. She argues that Julie shouldn't be killed and uses the memory of her mother to sway his decision. Sariff, irate at this tactic agrees to not kill Julie, but will not be swayed again.

As Julie escapes Sariff's grasp, she orders the paladins to return Jadzia's books. Calluna slips back into the house to check on things and They are confronted by the now escaped werewolf Marrek. He sees Calluna and in a moment of very brief clarity, turns and runs to give Them time to escape.
As They prepare for a fight, Marrek finally calms down enough to change back to his human form and Calluna finds him and begins to comfort him.



Una - Izzy
Jadzia - Brianne
Marrek - Jasper
Calluna - Mac



Deaths/Notable Kills

Locations Visited



  • Familial Flanking and +20 diplomacy because "girlfriend" are not official combat bonuses
    • Art by Jaycub (D&R forum name)