Esterholt is a cozy little city to the east of the Blackrock Mountains and south of the Heroes March. The last mayor, Christina Keller, took up dealings with all sorts in an attempt to rid the city of crime, which ended up getting her killed.
In the absence of Craig and an actual mayor, Julie took it upon herself to try and keep some amount of order in town by using the remaining paladins of the temple.

The city is home to possibly the largest orphanage in Theria, accepting children of all races.

Esterholt was formerly occupied by a tiefling blood-mage named Darmock, who only recently vacated the premises.

More recently, the city has come under siege by dragons and sustained some amount of damage.

The city was first visited in Episode 55 by Group 3 who were trying to cure Jadzia of vampirism.
Group 2 first made their way through town in Episode 90.

Notable Residents

Places Around Town

  • Temple of Kord - Overseen by Craig Mason
  • Jadzia's manor - Home base for Group 3
  • The Crouching Tiger - Tattoo shop, Elli Adams, Tattoo Artist
  • The Golden Blade - Weapon/Armor shop, Yoste, Proprietor
  • The Esterholt Shelter For Children


  • Approx. 13,000


  • Christine Keller was the Mayor under fairly recently.

Highlight for currently leadership -{ Jadzia Grimnas-Grace became Mayor around Episode 161 }-