Fairbay is a quiet little town on the edge of the Cerulean Sea. Because of it’s proximity to the sea, many a wandering pirate or traveler comes through the town, happy for a peaceful reprieve from a dangerous life. Though once a year some hunters make their way to Lochfort, most of the residents live life as a good and decent community, only heading to the competition to help those in need.

Daegon and Khoury were the first to reach Fairbay in Episode 85.
Group 3 arrived in Fairbay in Episode 86

Notable Residents

Places Around Town

  • The Tipsy Pig - Tavern. run by Naza, Proprietor
  • Brecken's Hearth - Inn, run by Clay Brecken
  • Hunters Alley - Weapon shop


  • Approx. 1,300