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Changling Thief

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First appearance in Arc 1, Episode 37


Fie is the adoptive son of Flo and Sid'ric Larva an older couple living and working on a small farm on the outskirts of Overdale. Fie grew up in the company of three siblings. As Fie was not built for doing farm work he helped his mother in her tasks, often heading into the town of Overdale with her when she needed to buy supplies, here he found the wonders of bards, and Jesters and entertainers of other means. Unfortunately with that attraction came a realization that he had a knack for the more frown upon activities within the city, he would often see pick pockets going around the crowds and eventually gave into temptation.

While Fie quickly became a competent thief he did have a few run ins with the Overdale law, the worst of which came after Overdale was renamed Overwatch; and the laws became more restrictive and the punishments became more severe. Fie was caught pick pocketing a worthless trinket from a wealthy man, unfortunately this man had a love of the public shows of punishment, usually in beheading. Luckily for Fie his eldest brother Tempest pleaded for Fie's life and managed to get him a few years of punishment duty within the ever growing Overwatch army.

Fie was eventually named a member of the Crimson Shield with a few other unique individuals. The were sent on smaller, stealthy missions that while suited Fie, did not so much suit the group due to the diversity of the group. Their first mission was a simple one to gather crystals, however after being ambushed by a group of spiders, Una, the party's heavy hitter, attempted to sidle passed a rock formation while Fie, who was most suited to this, recovered himself. A slight nudge from Una's shield brought the tunnel down, Una survived but the party was less than pleased at Fie for not speaking up, as retribution he was sent across an old and worn bridge they had passed previously to recovery the crystals they had been sent in to gather. Fie lost all of his equipment in the process but wiping the smile off of Commander's face was more than was needed to make the mission worth it.
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Fie, being a Changeling, is quite thin and very pale, though his black messy hair is a stark contrast to his skin. Given the right clothes and a brush up Fie would fit in with the rich and powerful of society, but put him in rags and smear some dirt in his hair and you'd think he was just another street urchin. Then again Fie can look like what ever you need, want or fear.

Fie wears leather style armor because it gives him the flexibility to sneak around and move swiftly, his current armor is made from the scales of Keal Thorn the legendary black dragon that the group took down. His Left arm as been replaced with one made of metal and blood magic after Jadzia's ex-husband, Darmock, infected his original arm with vampirism that they had asked him to remove from Jadzia.

When Fie first met the rest of the Crimson Shield he was very cold and worked towards the goal as best he could. Since his resurrection he has learned that luck has a limit and he is not going to be able to carry himself through life alone. In a life of crime you live by "Everyone for them selves" as you can't trust anyone to have your back if theirs is threatened, Fie has found that in his current life you have to be more welcoming to people as not everyone will turn on you at the drop of some gold. Fie has developed a friendship with Una and some of the other members of the team.

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Before venturing out for the second mission for the Crimson Shield, Flo gave Fie a broadsword that belonged to Sid'ric. Sid'ric was killed by Elves from the evergreen forest 17 years prior and Fie has held a hatred for the Elves and their kin ever since. Fie's hatred was brought into play when he convinced the party to plant the explosives they had been given in front of a door. A door which, unknown to everyone but Fie, separated the party from a room full of drow children. The resulting explosions and screams from the Drow children made this apparent and Fie and Una did not see eye to eye on the task that they had been given and the completion of it.

Later on after getting back to the Overwatch Una and Fie fought one on one in the training grounds as Fie wished to practice with his sword that he had inherited, although he thought he would be getting lessons and fighting Gavin, Una loosing in her drunken state bonded the two members of the group that holds fast to the current day.

On the way to the Crimson Shield's third mission Fie died in a fight with Briahna Ebelmare, Brie was captured by the rest of the group and Fie was later resurrected by Rodswell Joybottom. Before heading back out to complete the mission Fie admitted to Gavin that he was not everything he appeared to be, he knew he had some strange power that allowed him to alter his form but was afraid that if it was discovered he would be killed for not being a human. The news of Fie abilities was given to the rest of the Crimson Shield in strict confidence that the knowledge would not reach any one outside of the group.

Upon arriving back at the Overwatch, news reached the group that Briahna has been interrogated leaving her in a very bad state, under the instruction and threats of Una the group hatched a plan to get Brie out of the city, while most of the party agreed on the plan Marcus convinced Gavin and Jadzia to tell Lieutenant Grace of the plan to free Briahna. Fie helped Una fake Brie's death so she could carry her body out of the Overwatch to be buried.

The final mission Fie was sent on as part of the Crimson Shield was one to destroy a Warforged Titan Elite that had been defeated in White Raven territory, this resulted in Una being taken captive and Fie determined to rescue her no matter what. On the way back to the White Raven's base of operations the group met Una who had been released with the hope of being able to stop the Crimson Shield from completing their mission to blow up the Warforged Titan Elite. Jadzia and Fie stood by Una and fought the remaining members of the Crimson Shield and defended the White Raven's base.

Fie has been happy traveling with Una and Jadzia but after being enticed to join House Silverclaw by Sariff, the idea stuck with Fie and not long after, he left the group to go pursue that dream.


  • First appearance in Episode 37
  • Member of the Crimson Shield (Defected)
  • Killed by Briahna in Episode 41
  • Resurrected in Episode 43
  • Voluntarily had his left arm amputated by Vallus to halt the progression of vampirism in Episode 58 and had a prosthetic arm attached in Episode 61.
  • Member, Shield of Grace
  • Fie left the party to join House Silverclaw in Episode 107


  • Assist - Room full of Drow children (Ep 39)
  • Jeb Richards (Ep 43)

ACHIEVEMENTS EARNED....................................22

Earned by
Earned in Episode
This can only happen once, right?
Die for the first time
I thought we were friends
Knock out, or be knocked out by an ally
Pulling a Lincoln
Free a slave or prisoner
The Alabama of Theria
Visited Durnhollow
Nothing to see here!
Kill someone in a public place
Puff, the magic…
Survive a full blast of a dragon’s breath weapon
Help kill a dragon, adult or older
Endangered species.................................
Reduce a species population from endangered to near extinct...
I am a legitimate business gnome
Interact with Graddik and probably get swindled
Interact with Artimus
It's only a flesh wound
Get dismembered
I get around
Visit 5 towns or cities
So, a coup then?
Overthrow a government
By the grace of Kord himself
Survive an attack because the enemy rolled a natural 1
Kill a political figure
Serial Killer
Kill at least 1 enemy each round, 3 rounds minimum
A little help guys?
Kill all enemies in an encounter by yourself
Nailed it!
Crit 5 different skill checks
Air Amarah
Travel by dragon
I've seen some places
Visit 10 towns or cities
Survive 30 episodes in a row (that you are in)
Happily ever after!
(mostly) Retired


  • Fie is left handed
  • Fie has still not paid off his substantial debt to the limb replacement shop (Myrkin's Limbs) in Winterhaven.