Galford Gardriz

Gnome Warlock

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Galford Gardriz began his adventures with his partner Rikus, and along the way he stumbled into Brightport. The town had a reputation for devouring young, ambitious men and women alive, and Galford had presumed he would be the exception to said rule. After all, his ambitions were stronger than most. Galford did not care for ethics or morality, all he cared for was getting what he wanted.

That ambition would be his undoing, when a great power finally did fall into his grasp. After his group invaded house Darksbane of Brightport Galford came to posses the Rod of Wonder, a strange and unpredictable device that randomly renders any number of bazaar effects each time it is used. In his vanity, Galford decided to abuse the wands power even though he knew what sort of repercussions could come of it. After playing with his new toy for only a short time, the gnome managed to switch his physical gender, impair his mind as well as his team mates, and even grew a set of tentacle arms.

After helping to defeat the zombie horde in Onak-Al, Galford took his leave of the group. He claimed he would be seeking a cure for his mutations, and disappeared, almost as though he had never existed.


A blond gnome of short stature, Galford/Gretta had small blue eyes and a pretty face in either gender.



  • Founding member of House Dragonkeep


  • Blackteeth (Ep.11) – Human Bandit Leader.
  • Katey Ebelmare (Ep.20) – Sister to Silvia, prisoner in Onak-Al.