Gavin Dearborn's Journal

Entry #1

### Excerpts from a journal found in Gavin Dearborn’s footlocker. The following scattered notes were found crammed into margins amidst mathematical equations that have yet to be solved by our team. The notes were written in a transposition cipher, columnar, keyword is “ORPHAN”, space-keeper letter rotates from Z backwards depending on the date in the month. — OverWatch R&D ###

*** I have been contacted to report to Sgt. Fletcher today, along with squad mates: Marcus Sana, Fie Lar’va, Jadzia Grace and Una Anhelada. Do not want to get overly excited, but I think we are going to be formed into a group for special assignments. We five have worked well in the past, and I have no reason to believe we will not do well in the future.

*** That was harrowing. I was nearly a casualty during the first skirmish, but the second went better. Ultimately, mission accomplished, despite everyone being a bit worse for wear. Fie likely to have aversion to bridges after this.

*** Sgt. Fletcher seemed immediately ready to assume we failed our mission. Disconcerting.

*** Staunched enemy invasion as ordered. Returned for Una before bomb detonated. If all details were known, would I have chosen to proceed? Fie has hatred for elves. May have to have him removed from service if vendetta endangers others. Learned new technique with exotic longknife.

*** Can’t sleep. Magic is in the mathematics. Determined instantaneous reduction of heat in a fifteen foot diameter. Reality fights against change in temperatures nearly immediately, but effect of paradox causes blinding snow to form wherever I correct my calculations. Results follow: …

*** Psions must be given twenty-five foot radius for energy discharge. When wounded, they can retaliate to fatal effect. Captured dangerous enemy. Fie KIA. Must write speech for funeral tomorrow. Miss him already. He was a great friend, a great man, for as short a time as I knew him. Will be hard to tell Flo Lar’va the news.

*** Met Cmdr. Patrick Grace, father of Jadzia. Prisoner interrogated. Una gave order to cease continued questioning. Jadzia has issue with tieflings, possibly personal? Malcus Grimnas is alive, amassing army with White Ravens. Must re-read historical documentation regarding treaty signing.

*** Signed up for Tournament of Champions. Realized shortly after that it shares estimated date of my birth. Further supports assumptions that there is no such thing as coincidence. Still gathering evidence on whether deities are real or if just another currently unexplained variant of magical power.

*** Witnessed what can only be described as a miracle. Not visually impressive, but Fie was returned to life by Rodswell Joybottom, recent defector from Malchus Grimnas’ party. Resurrection is now possible. Very glad to have Fie alive. Additional info gathered regarding army, as well as details on King Yenward Firestomp of the Darkhooves (minotaur), Jarahk Ironhide (warforged), Drakonis (dragonborn), and Thoril Songsteal (human).

*** Fie revealed to me unique nature. Concerned for him. Don’t want him dead. His loyalty is unquestionable. He has transmutation powers available to him at will. Could come in useful for infiltration.

*** One step closer to being able to direct arcane energies through longsword.

*** Durnhollow protected from Nuvol, will make fine foothold for OverWatch. Captain Ellis Arroway is a respectable man, covered for us when White Ravens checked town. Nuvol slaves freed. Need to restore speech of the ex-slave named Grell, the mul may have secret information on the slaver organization. Nuvol slight on OverWatch cannot be ignored, will motion to have them exterminated.

*** Fie has shared unique nature with group.

*** White Raven Psion Prisoner dead, but not before holding Una hostage for quite some time. Marcus withheld information vital to plans, does not consider himself in the wrong. Una will likely deal with him in her own way, as she will with Po Tutillo. Glad the Psion was unable to erupt in energy discharge upon demise, could have endangered all within compound. Also glad Una is safe.

*** We are now under the call-sign Crimson Shield. Name is fitting. Demolition mission underway. Broke up expected fight between Una and Po, but only did so when Una brought her weapon against unarmed opponent. Sgt. Baker has questionable leadership abilities.

*** Returned to OverWatch without Una. Not sure if dead or sided with the enemy. Marcus makes strong case that her loyalty is questionable. Psion is still alive. Will delay judgment until she can explain herself. Paladin unlikely dead, she has shown incredible resilience in previous battles. Will plead case to Cdr. for more explosives and a return to the clearing.

*** Cannot allow the Crimson Shield to be seen as failures. Was my responsibility to completely demolish target. Need method of removing archer support, even temporarily. Considering strength and abilities of CS, MOF (margin of failure) is three percent. MOF significantly higher if we cannot find a way to stop arrows. Mission may not be approved at all.

*** Una, I am coming for you.