Hondo Devete's Journal

Entry #1

We killed a king, the rebels finally took down the Empire. That makes us the good guys right? I wonder if they think people will forgive them? War never really changes, large scale, small scale, it doesn’t matter there’s always going to be someone on the loosing side, waiting to get his own back.

I’ve never been a “good guy”, I know right from wrong but I thought it would make me feel. It didn’t & I don’t. It’s done now.

Lately I’ve been having this vision sometimes I dream about it; She’s still here and the two of them are still with us. That warm house on top of the cliff overlooking the ocean, garden fill with the rarest flowers Theria has to offer, the fence with strawberries growing along side it, the oak door with the shiny knocker, the giant bay windows, her in the kitchen, the both of them playing with some pet or other. At the end of the day we all watch the golden sun kiss the still blue water as it sets.

Who am I kidding!? This thing of ours…it can’t ever happen. No matter how bad I want it. This is the life we lead. Its funny I’ve never heard someone say “I miss Bright Port” but I do; the scum, the filth, the lies, all of it. Never a more reached hive, down there it all made sense…in a sick twisted kind of way but still it made sense. I assume this is what people mean when they say “homesick”.

I wonder where these guys call home, doesn’t really matter I guess. They have no idea who I am or what I do or plan to do, it’s better that way. The Bullman ain’t nothing but a big teddy bear with one hell of a swing and a giant axe to boot. Duncan, there’s a dwarf with heart but there lies my problem…he still has one. That Thoril kid, he would have made a real good fit, it’s a damn shame really. I have to make sure and keep a keen eye on that Ironhide fella. As for the Dragonborn, well there’s always a use for a junkie. Diana…now there’s a perfect fit if I ever saw one, she has so much potential. Let’s not count our drake eggs before they hatch though.

Only time will tell.