InSpectres 2

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DATE: 2009
CASE FILE: All Dogs Go To Heaven: First Blood, Part !V

Dan and Rob respond to a job posting that Tom put on Craigslist and after interviewing for several hours, are hired as interns.
Dan goes out back into the alley and starts talking to some dogs. One tells him of "The Legend of the Ghost Dog" and the team moves to investigate an old apartment building.


  • Jamie as The GM
  • Tom
    • Specialty: Social Media Guru
    • Fault: Not good as real life social interactions, gets defensive easily
  • Dan
    • Specialty: Can speak to animals, but must do an imitation of the animal he is speaking with
    • Fault: Kleptomaniac
  • Rob
    • Specialty: Rapper and Not afraid to shoot and won't fold under pressure
    • Fault: 'Nam Flashbacks
  • Justin
    • Specialty: Former Child Actor
    • Fault: Thinks he can do an excellent Pacino impression, constantly trying to slip them in
  • Jason
    • Specialty: Sandpaper Hands
    • Fault: Lifelong steroid addiction causing anger issues


  • Ferdinand the Ghost Dog
  • Cesar Milan

Deaths/Notable Kills

  • None


Rob's rap name is Rich Homey Weakness