InSpectres 3

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DATE: 2009
CASE FILE: Some Beardy I Used To Know

The crew responds to a call for help at a cold meat storage warehouse down by the docks


  • Jamie Richardson as The GM
  • Dan
    • Specialty: Can speak to animals, but must do an imitation of the animal he is speaking with
    • Fault: Kleptomaniac
  • Brianne
    • Specialty: Climbing and Picking Coconuts
    • Fault: Crippling fear of running out of oxygen
  • Kelsey
    • Specialty: Voodoo Priestess
    • Fault: Constantly practicing for her upcoming American Idol audition
  • Delmar
    • Specialty: Expert Ventriloquist
    • Fault: No matter how much weight he loses, he thinks he is too fat
  • Jason
    • Specialty: Sandpaper Hands
    • Fault: Lifelong steroid addiction causing anger issues


  • Jim Bob

Deaths/Notable Kills

  • Jim Bob, Killed by Delmar with the potato gun


COMPANY: Sailor Touch - Optimized For Speed And Efficiency
The company uniforms are color coordinated leather jackets, leather headgear, miniskirts and moon boots, with holes in the clothes to promote aerodynamics.