InSpectres 4

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DATE: 2009
CASE FILE: The Feels Files

The competing companies try to work together for a case over the Christmas holidays. A small girl named Molly asks them to investigate her possibly haunted house.


  • Jamie Richardson as The GM
  • Alex
    • Specialty: Master Salesman
    • Fault: He gets angry at the smallest things
  • Brianne
    • Specialty: Climbing and Picking Coconuts
    • Fault: Crippling fear of running out of oxygen
  • Mac
    • Specialty: Master Thief
    • Fault: Always speaks in Weeaboo Japanese
  • Kelsey
    • Specialty: Voodoo Priestess
    • Fault: Constantly practicing for her upcoming American Idol audition
  • Jason
    • Specialty: Sandpaper Hands
    • Fault: Lifelong steroid addiction causing anger issues


  • Molly
  • Molly's father - Angry Santa

Deaths/Notable Kills


Co-op Episode between Sailor Touch and the Little Newt Friends