Jarahk Ironhide's Journal

Entry #1

It’s been a while since I’ve wrote in one of these, but I think its best to keep a journal on the things I see. More importantly the people I see along the way. I think it’s smart to start with the group i’m with right now. I find it very hard to speak, listen to or even be around magic users. In the past I’ve seen them take advantage of people who don’t possess any form of magic ability, Humans are the most guilty of this. Briahna is a prime example of this. Nice kid but with very little training she has the ability to do a lot of damage just by losing her temper. It maybe a good idea to write down what I think of my group members as well.
He looks at himself as the leader of our group, but I see him as what he really is. This love stricken Tiefling has an ego to fill ten Zannon Carters. He looks at what happened seventeen years ago as not his fault in any way. If you ask me, I’m not sure who he loves more…Briahna or himself.
Before the day I met Yenword I’d never seen a Minotaur. The fact he uses the giant axe on his back to destroy anyone that gets in his way makes me like and respectfully stand clear of him when a fight breaks out.
The dragonborn known only as Drakonis. I must admit I don’t know much about him, and the fact that he is a magic user (Wizard) should make me want to swing my sword at his neck just to see how hard his scaly skin really is. I want to know more about him despite these things… I’ll keep an eye on him. (—Will need more info to finish—)
This man is the embodiment of a small, rude, yapping mutt. Always underfoot. He complains nonstop, filled to the brim with stories and lies like ” how I saved Yenward when I found him”. Oh that one was REALLY good. Hes 7’11″ – 520LBs, sure you saved him pal. With that orb he’s now a brand new measure of annoying. It whispers into his ear for a day and he’s crying in the forest.
If I felt bad for anyone of these men it would be Thoril Songsteal. Turned into a vampire, finding a women named Talia Padraig who accepted him, turned BACK to a human, then he returns years later only to find a walking waste known as Ian Serverus with Talia and what could be his kid.
We cleared the forest section of three Titan and a Warforged commander today. People are dead on their feet and I’m surprised to say that I’m proud of our small group and I feel we’re getting the hang of saving this world. But if we want to succeed, we can’t have weakness like “crying” in the middle of a battle like a baby and passing out so people have to carry you. That can never happen again.
-Jarahk Ironhide (Justin Massey)

Entry #2

We’re getting closer to the mages of Uman Yiro. It’s been bothering me that we’ll need them and the priests of Aubrey. To me, that’s too many arcane groups for my liking. Reading a book doesn’t make you a good fighter, but for them it does, when using a blade you need to find all the ways to inflict damage to your enemy. But for mages, wizards and warlocks this is just something they can do. Don’t get me wrong they need to study and train but its just too much power for one person at once.
I see Malchus getting stronger, he proves my point. He’s very emotional and I think if anything happens to Briahna he wouldn’t be able to control himself.
One day after the war I’m gonna go back to Uman Yiro, kick them out of the city no … kick them out of OUR city. It can be a place where the Warforged can live without the sight of magic. If only there were a poison that not only kills the host, but reanimates it so it can continue the destruction of the city’s entire population. Hmm I think the next time I get the chance I should read up on some things. After all, knowledge is power.
~Jarahk Ironhide (Justin Massey)

Entry #3

–A breakdown of the group that defected The Overwatch–

Una relies too much on her emotions, it gets her into a lot of trouble. After finding a large force of six dozen men from The Overwatch coming down the road -I guess they had history with the leader of the large group of men, some guy named Markus whatever- Una thought it would be a good idea to just fight them and kill the leader, like we wouldn’t get cut down in the first twenty seconds of the fight.

I like Vallus, he doesn’t trust me and I don’t trust him. That much he doesn’t hide from me or his group, I hope there are more Tieflings that show their true colors like this one does. I think after all of this he may want to kill me and can’t blame him for that. Later tonight while they’re sleeping I plan on taking my things and heading back to Winterhaven. I don’t think that will go over to well with Vallus though.

–Jadzia Grace–
I don’t know why she helped me or what Jadzia could even get out of it. But I am grateful for what she did for me. The people of Winterhaven will be grateful, too, for her sacrifice- for putting me back on the path of my mission of helping to take down The Overwatch.

–Fie Lar’va–
Quiet, calm and loyal. All good things to have when adventuring. I’m not sure what drove him to joining The Overwatch in the first place. Something bad must of happened to him when he was younger.

I just left the group while they were sleeping, I need to get back to Winterhaven and the army. We have traitors under our noses and they MUST die. I didn’t think too much about it before but looking at it now its too obvious. Rodswell, Malchus and Thoril- I don’t know how I could have missed it. That last talk they had before Rodswell rode off to join The Overwatch, him and Thoril killing Edward, Malchus kill our Warforged army, Thoril letting his guard down in Durnhollow in that whore house… it was all just to weaken us.
They need to die, all three of them.
I’ll pick up this burden and deal with them myself.