Khoury Forestkeeper's Journal

Entry #1

New Party – Day 2 – Part 1

My new friends and I are on our way to Durnhollow! I’ve never heard of the place but from what the others have told me it’s seems to be very sociable. After all that time in the forest alone it’s nice to feel like part of something. A family. They have done nothing but accept me into this group with friendship and kindness. I look forward to all of our adventures together! Seeing the world beyond the tree lines and grass fields, the dirt roads feel almost more natural under my boots. Things are looking brighter for this Goliath girl, I think…the fog has finally lifted…

[Written Later The Same Day]


It’s everywhere. It seems to hit everyone I touch, wherever I go. I’ve only been with this group for a few days and already my curse has stricken them. The road had been long, our feet pounding and sweat dripping from our brows. When we came upon the city of Lockport we were only seeking shelter and sustenance, but venture found us and took us across his knee.

It was the first blood that put them in a frenzy. The smell of flesh and tint of red stained their lips as they took us down one by one. The stocky one was to take the first blow. Rikus. He jumped onto the battlefield with his goals in mind, and they tore him to shreds… within minutes. Then they attempted to take down our healer. The pointy-eared elf, Baranith. We had enough common sense to run then.