Living in Theria

The Living In Theria series in an informational series that has had several evolutions since its start.
It began modestly with a 30 minute history about the White Ravens on the D&R YouTube channel. When a sizable portion of the cast met up, they did a shorter LIT for each of the characters who were represented there, also still found on the YouTube channel.

After that, it became articles on the website which have been copied here to the wiki for ease of locating.

Beyond that, Jason and Brianna began doing audio versions for the feed and sometimes live on Twitch to get questions from the listeners.

All of them can be found through this page.


Website Articles:

Audio LIT's:

Available to Patreon supporters:
  • Heroes - Part 1
  • Liara and Poe
  • Gods - Part 1
  • Gods - Part 2
  • Gods - Part 3
  • Kord
  • Game mechanics
  • Drugs
  • Darmock
  • Bards and Monks
  • Drow
  • Dragons
  • Dragonborn
  • Geography - The continents
  • Githzerai and Lionfolk
  • The Drow, part 2
  • Superstitions