Lochfort is a small town that rests just to the south of the Silver Glade. Lochfort is known for it’s gorgeous sunsets, beautiful fields and constant werewolf attacks. It’s now widely known that the town has had it’s fair share of problems with the local wildlife. The people there have even gone so far as to enact “The Great Hunt”, a tri-annual event that gathers hunters from both Fairbay and Lochfort to hunt down werewolves in the Glade and try to eliminate them en mass. This has had mixed results.

Group 2 were the first to reach Lochfort in Episode 65.
Group 4 arrived in town and were instantly attacked by werewolves in Episode 124

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-{ As of Episode 124, the werewolves have taken over the town completely, the previous residents having been killed or chased out of town.
The town of Lochfort was secured from the werewolves with the help of Sora, Eliwrath, Arina, Briahna and some paladins from the temple of Kord after killing many of the werewolves in the Silver Glade during the events of Episode 147.

The White Ravens and paladins of Kord stayed in town to help the remaining villagers attempt to rebuild after the attacks.}-

Notable Residents

Places Around Town

  • The Hearth - Inn
  • The Iron Goblet - Tavern


  • Before Episode 124, nearly 1000, After 124 Highlight for current amount -{ after Episode 147 around 80 citizens remain.}-


  • Lochfort was formerly run by Mayor Oran Sedias