Marcus Sana's Journal

Entry #1

This is the first chance since the Elven debacle happened that I’ve had a chance to put my thoughts down. Things went wrong in ways that I could not predict.

While I had my doubts about Una, she seems to have been a traitor from the start. Ever since Fie did not tell us that placing the bomb would kill Drow children, she has been angrier than usual, and it seems to have revealed her true loyalties. She may have actually been working for the White Ravens the entire time. I have yet to explain all my thoughts and concerns about her with Commander Grace, mainly due to time and the unfortunate arrival of Captain Tenbolt.

Before I put this episode behind me, let me enumerate the reasons why I believe that Una Anhelada to be the lowest form of traitor that I can imagine.

1. She aided and abetted the known leader of the White Ravens in the escape from Overwatch.

2. She directly lied to her teammates about said leader’s death.

3. After returning from the ‘burial’, she assaulted a teammate on the grounds of said lie, making her also a hypocrite.

4. Upon first meeting the Elves in the Evergreen, she surrendered our team without informing anyone of her plans.

5. Upon the team finding out that Briahna Ebelmare was not only not dead, but very much alive and returned to the White Ravens, Una never attempted to explain her actions except to say, it was the right thing to do.

6. It is now my belief that when we attempted to blow up the prototype warforged, Una did not attempt to escape, I believe that she took that moment to return to the White Ravens in the hopes that we would believe she was dead, also hoping we would not mount a rescue mission.

7. When we did come back to complete the mission, Una miraculously appeared to ‘warn’ us that we were walking into a trap. This does not appear to be true, or if it was, the trap was the least threatening that we’ve ever encountered as most of our forces returned to their duty, the only major loss was Gavin Dearborn, who took his duty and oath further than I imagined he would do.

8. While discussing the so called trap, Una stated that we were fighting for the wrong side. It was at this point she revealed to us that she is a Half Elf. She said she only just discovered this, but it makes much more sense that she was hiding it from us to try and stay with the Overwatch as a spy.

9. After Gavin made it clear that we were going to complete our mission, Una returned to the Elves and White Ravens to help prepare the ambush of our troops. Luckily for us, Una has proven she is much better at thinking with her fists than she is planning anything.

10. Una spoke to Fie in Elven. I have no idea what she said, but whatever it was turned Fie against us. I have no explanation for this. Fie has directly lead to the destruction of a Drow child care room, and yet now he turns his back on those who stood beside him and helped to return him from the dead, and walks with those responsible not only for his death, but for the death of some of those he knew growing up. Unless Una was granted some mind control, I can only think that coming back from the dead must have changed him. He is no longer the man I knew, but considering we also recently found out he was a Changling, this is true in more ways than one. Then again, as I think about it, maybe Fie knew he was not a human all this time and was with Una in her spying on the Overwatch.

I wish I had connected the dots earlier, I may have been able to prevent Gavin Dearborn from the fate he chose. Now with the clarity of hindsight, I see how everything fell together that lead him to the choice he made. I wish he had made another choice, but he saw his sacrifice as the only way to make sure we achieved our mission. I will strive to remember him and honor that sacrifice that saved so many lives at the cost of his own.

Lastly, I have to speak on Jadzia Grace. I honestly believe that her father’s placement of Aralove Grimnas on the Crimson Shield without an explanation had a large part in her defection. The hatred in Jadzia’s eyes was so great it could not be hidden. I believe that she did not so much turn her back on her team, but much like a temperamental child, she rebelled against her father and the most effective way to hurt him was to go over to the enemy. I can only hope that she is safe in her travels and eventually she sees the error in her ways. Call me a fool, but I believe she can be saved and I would be willing to give her a second chance under the right circumstances. Her temper got the best of her, which considering the almost-hero-worship she had of Una, is not surprising.

Commander Grace has seen fit to appoint me field leader of the Crimson Shield now. A position, while I would not have chosen for myself, I have accepted because we have no better choice. While Captain Tenbolt sees us as a failure, we as a group have completed every task before us. Captain Tenbolt sees the task and says it must be done, which is his job, my job is to make sure that our group gets the job done and comes back alive. The Captain doesn’t seem to care how many people die to get the job done, or perhaps he thinks he should be in the field taking charge instead of behind the lines planning things.

The Shield now consists of myself, Aralove Grimnas, who despite her being related to the cause of my greatest loss, I have accepted as a member of the team because she is not only vouched for by the Commander, but she deserves the chance to show her true colors. I believe from our interactions so far she is not only loyal to the Overwatch, but she is a good soldier first and foremost. I have yet to see her in combat, but that time is coming shortly.

Mason is the next member of the Shield. Looking at him he does not exactly instill fear, but Aralove has recommended him and she tells me his bravado about his combat skills is no mere bragging, he is deadly both face to face and from a distance. I look forward to seeing these skills in person.

Last member of the team is Po. We’ve had our run ins with Po and I take him on hesitantly. While I originally thought that Po may have been the beginning of the cause of our situation with Una, I now believe he was merely a scapegoat for her actions. He is on a short leash as far as both Aralove and I are concerned. If I had another choice I may have not picked Po, but I have no other choice at this time. Whatever Po brings to the table, I need to find the best way to use his skills to aid the rest of the team.

Shortly, we will face our first test, the Tournament of Champions. We will face combat in front of the citizens of the Overwatch and our superiors. We will either be forged into a new team or fail spectacularly for all to see. For all the things I hope to achieve, I will not allow us to fail. There is too much left of my plans for us to fail. Overwatch deserves great champions, and I will see to it that we are such champions. Overwatch deserves a safe future free from aggressors, and I will do what is needed to ensure such a future.


Entry #2

My meeting with his Highness went about as well as I could expect under the circumstances. He is truly wise in seeing the fact that my teammates abandoned not only me, but the people of Overwatch had little to do with the fact that I was there and had more to do with their weak character.

I have been given another opportunity to prove not only myself, but the idea behind the Crimson Shield. Tomorrow morning I leave for Esterholt on a diplomatic mission. It seems that town has had quite a crime problem lately and I am being dispatched along with some soldiers to offer our assistance in quelling whatever crime is there. Hopefully while we’re there the people will see that those that mind the law have nothing to fear from the Overwatch, and maybe even some of them will be willing to take up arms and help our cause. I do not plan on taking no for an answer, for the people there deserve to be safe and since nobody else in town seems to be able to provide protection for the citizens, it will fall to us to do so.

His Highness did say one thing that has me puzzled. He said that in the end, everyone betrays you. I hope that he does not believe that I am going to betray him. If he does, then I can only hope to earn his trust by completing my mission as requested.