Entry #1

3 years.

Thats how long I been on frontline. I watch so many die. Some friends, most enemys. Lot of enemys.

Back in the day, work release got us outta jail. Might as well hang our asses instead of armin us, give us fals hope. Naw, that’s fucked up, nevermind. If they did I wouldnt be writen this now. Here I am tho, last sirviver of Death Squad.

2 weeks ago they got Jimmy. Remind me of lil bro James, probably the shave head. Maybe name. James way fuckin smarter than Jimmy. Also way more livin. Jimmy had confirm kill count into high 400s. Woulda called him on his shit if I wasnt there, seen them all. Kill count mean nothing to a dead body. Bitchs boast. Bitchs die. Pin a medal on his ass for all the good it does, still gotta bury a motherfuckr.

I lost count somewhere round 200. I aint no bitch. Also, stop countin then nitemaers stopd.

Squad gone, sent back to OverWatch 4 debref. Short meeten with Sarge Felcher. Told him I killd a fuckton of peeple, showd him releas paper with seal, he gave me the nite off. Saw the famly. Momma good, Daddy too. Sis gonna be some kind dancer, she got the legs for it if her face wasnt so fuglee! Ha! Naw, she cute, but cant swell her head. James prolly gonna be a histry prafeser. Lil bro can do just bout anythin he want. Long as I keep killin motherfuckrs, pay keep rollin in, famly is coverd.

Gonna take a hot bath, put on a new uniform. Gonna hit up Warrens. Gonna get ripd. Tell barkeep all about Death Squad. Motherfuckr liked storys before, got some GOOD 1s for his ass. Pour 1 out for Jimmy and the restof them sonsabitchs. Gonna crash without my armor tonite, 1st time in a long time. Still gonna keep Killgraiv and my nives close, lest some motherfuckr dont buleev Death Squad dont sleep with 1 eye open.

When the sun rise hits tomaro, dam strait I will be up and ready for combat. I no OverWatch still got use for a stone cold killer… but just maybee I wont have to kill a motherfuckr 4 while.

Right, and I shit plat coins.Tempus, bring me Victory.

~Mason Darktree