Formerly the shining beacon of The Wastes, a huge stretch of desert lands separating the city from the others. After a curse placed on the city by a visiting House of Brightport, the residents underwent a particularly deadly transformation. Now the former beacon is a deathtrap to any foolish enough to cross into it’s borders.

The members of Group 2 were taken to Onak-Al in Episode 18 and finally escaped in Episode 24. They decide to return in Episode 44 to destroy the zombie plague and finally leave after clearing most of the city alongside of House Silverclaw and Hammerhand and close the city up behind them when they leave in Episode 57

Notable Residents

Places Around Town

  • The Arena, where one of the gates is located
  • Guard tower/viewing platform
  • Abandoned taverns and shops all over town

Local Dangers

  • While most of the zombies were killed, no one is certain for sure that remnants of the plague don't still wander the city


  • Approx. 100


  • None