The Randomness!

This page contains many of the odd facts, figures, rules, and eccentric things from the show. Only things from Arc 1 are categorized here.

Races of Theria:

We have seen an abundance of races for player characters, In order of appearance
  • Tiefling (4) - Malchus, Aralove, Nemeru, Diana
  • Human (19) - Trias, Thoril, Atticol, Rafael, Shavvar, Rodswell, Tholomin, Gavin, Jadzia, Marcus, Mason, Marrek, Haven, Layla, Travis, Evelynn. Eryn, Josephine, Avalan
  • Warforged (1) - Ironhide
  • Dwarf (4) - Duncan, Sevedus, Zoya, Orden
  • Minotaur (2) - Yenward, Teveen
  • Dragonborn (3) - Drakonis, Kava, Dorinn
  • Gnome (4) - Galford, Ingrid, Sonia, Ephany
  • Elf (Drow) (3) Trixy, Hondo, Aria
  • Razorclaw Shifter (2) - Tala, Rock
  • Mul (2) - Rikus, Arina
  • Elf (Wood) (2) - Baranith, Keyleth
  • Elf (High-Eladrin) (1) - Daegon
  • Half-Elf (2) - Una, Kalden
  • Changeling (1) - Fie
  • Goliath (1) - Khoury
  • Half-Orc (1) - Ironhide
  • Wilden (1) - Calluna
  • Halfling (3) - Braylon, Eliwrath, Sora
  • Revenant (1) - Acteronis
  • Orc (1) - Derthag
  • Longtooth Shifter (1) - Coal
  • Lionfolk (1) - Sisun
  • Githzerai (1) - Thantos


Hondo has been the only multi-classed character on the show (Cleric/Ranger)
Some subclasses are lumped into the larger group. All Warlocks regardless of pact, various priests into Cleric etc
  • Artificer (1) - Sonia
  • Barbarian (3) - Travis, Derthag, Eliwrath
  • Bard (4) - Duncan, Braylon, Eryn, Ephany
  • Cleric (12) - Trias, Rodswell, Rikus, Baranith, Marcus, Haven, Sevedus, Acteronis, Marrek, Hondo, Josephine, Zoya
  • Druid (4) - Atticol, Tala, Keyleth, Coal
  • Fighter (2) - Yenward, Kava
  • Invoker (1) - Aralove
  • Mage (3) Shavvar, Drakonis, Diana
  • Paladin (3) - Una, Sisun, Arina
  • Psion (2) - Daegon, Thantos
  • Ranger (6) - Thoril, Rock, Sora, Hondo, Evelynn, Avalan
  • Seeker (3) - Tholomin, Khoury
  • Shaman (2) - Calluna, Teveen
  • Slayer (2) - Mason, Layla
  • Sorcerer (1) - Ingrid
  • Sword Mage (1) - Ironhide
  • Thief (3) - Rafael, Fie, Trixy
  • Vampire (1) - Nemeru
  • Warlock (3) - Malchus, Galford, Jadzia
  • Warlord (1) - Gavin
  • Wizard (1) - Kalden

Things we know based on this:

  1. There have been 62 PC's, of which 31 have died. 5 of those have been resurrected by some means.

  2. There are more clerics than any other class, and over 80% have died.
  3. Humans outnumber all other races by far, and half of those have died.
  4. Warlocks and Mages have the best survival rates and Halflings are the most resilient race based on there being more than one example in the pool.
  5. In fairness, of the 68 NPC's, 32 are alive, 33 dead and 3 unknowns. Life in Theria really is a 50/50 proposition.

Death and Resurrection:

Death in the Therian universe is almost a guarantee, more of a when than if. Between Straad and many random dragon attacks, packs of werewolves in the Silver Glade, legions of kobolds all over the mainland and people in general, there is no shortage of ways to die.
With that in mind, in this world there are more than a few clerics and significantly fewer paladins who have the ability to bring someone back from the other side.
To date, we have seen 2 methods for a character to come back to life. A Resurrection spell is the most common, which can be cast by a cleric or paladin but much more rarely, a scroll or item can also be used.

Item based resurrection:

There are some items have been created by very powerful means that due to their very nature do not follow the normal rules. Only three characters have come back by these methods: Vallus Grimnas by a Resurrection scroll and Duncan Joybottom by the Rod of Wonder. Neither faced any special circumstances and in fact, returned to the world in full health and ready to continue but the most obvious example was Thoril Songsteal "dying" and returning to his human form during the fight with Drock when the Orb of Light was used.
These revivals are essentially problem free, with no checks or harmful side effects to be found.

Spell based resurrection:

Clerics and paladins of certain levels can learn the Resurrection ritual. It may be that only paladins need to undergo a real challenge to learn how to do it. We have seen that at least for followers of Kord, facing the Angel of Death is no small feat and many have died trying.

Along with the learning process, the act of performing the ritual can also be detrimental and possibly life threatening to the caster as well. The rules have undergone changes since Rodswell first learned to cast it and these are the rules as of episode 137.
  • The spell may only be cast once per day
  • The body must be present.
  • The character cannot have been dead for more than 24 hours or the chances of success decline dramatically.This can be extended by the Gentle Repose spell.
  • It can be cast in or out of combat.
  • The target will be revived with full hit points and benefits as if they took an extended rest, but will take -2 penalty to all rolls for the next 24 hours.
  • The healer will sustain damage equal to (d6 for clerics, d10 for paladins) 1d x 10.
  • The healer will also be at half of max hit points for 3 days and cannot be healed above that and also weakened (half damage)
  • A flat d20 is rolled to see if there are any adverse effects resulting from the resurrection.
    • Briahna got a 10 and was without her powers for about a week.
    • Una rolled a 17 and had virtually no side effects.
    • Neither Fie nor Aralove had to roll the d20 because their bodies were relatively fresh.

It was explained in Episode 141 (around the 25 minute mark) that the separate roll for adverse effects has been combined with the overall roll for success and the damage has increased for the caster but specific numbers were not used.

Monsters, in order of appearance
  • Kobolds - Slinger, Dragonshield, Sexy Female
  • Drakes
  • Goblin
  • Human Necromancer
  • Vampires - Spawn, Lord
  • Crazed Elves
  • Mutated Bear
  • Wolves
  • Orcs - Battle Tested
  • Great Apes
  • Purple Worm
  • Vine Monster
  • Cave Ropers
  • Overdale Guards
  • Black Hand's Thugs
  • Shadow Hounds
  • Shadow Demon
  • Minotaurs
  • Two-headed Giant
  • Lizardmen
  • Frost Worm
  • Skeletal Warriors
  • Grave Hounds
  • White Dragon - Amarah
  • Sewer Rats
  • Gelatinous Cube
  • Crazed Humans
  • Zombies
  • Warforged - Red Guard, Patrol Captain, Titan
  • Darksbane Mages - Hellfire Warlock
  • Beholder - Doug
  • Gnolls
  • Cave Spiker
  • Ambush Spider
  • Blue Dragon (zombie)
  • Green Slime
  • Black Dragon - Kealthorn
  • Dragonborn fighters
  • Unicorns - Fred
  • Werewolves - Lord, Alpha
  • Angel of Death
  • Flaming Elven Skeletons
  • Tomb Spiders
  • Red Dragon - Straad
  • Briar Troll
  • Hydra
  • Ogres
  • Troll
  • Basilisk
  • Dire Rats
  • Dire Bear
  • Undead Cyclops
  • Half-Orc Vampire
  • House Silverclaw Drow
  • Purple Worm
  • Forest Trolls
  • Hill Giant
  • Dwarven Bar Patrons
  • Dire Boar
  • Demons
  • Giant Wasps
  • Mauler Worm
  • Dracolich

Special Weapons and Items:

The Rod of Wonder - Made from an unknown material, this black rod is tipped with silver and swirls are etched in gold. The rod was first found in House Darksbane in Episode 28 following Group 2's rescue of Daegon.
Galford wielded the rod until his departure from the group in Episode 57. It resurfaced again in Episode 100 and is still carried by Drakonis
  • When an encounter or daily power is used, a d100 is rolled with varied results. What we know of the Rod is as follows:
    • 14 - A random party member forgets how to read.
    • 19 - Caster switches genders.
    • 33 - In a burst 5 centered on the caster, allies are filled with energy and get 2 attacks for the next round.
    • 37 - A naked man appears and a random person in the world is resurrected.
    • 38 - Summons bears to fight with the party.
    • 58 - Casters arms become tentacles.
    • 91 - Caster forgets everyone's name.

Helm of Seven Deaths - Found in the treasure horde of Kealthorn, the (alleged) last black dragon at the end of Episode 49 and given to Jadzia.
The helm, which looks more like a crown has 7 dark gems in it, that (as a minor action) can absorb the soul of a person or creature slain by the wearer. When a gem contains a soul, it glows with a cloudy greenish swirl.
As the wearer collects souls, they can choose to release them to gain certain effects, some are as follows:
  • At Will - Choose a bloody creature you have hit during the round and learn its current HP
  • Encounter power - 3 souls required - Regain HP equal to 5+ 1/2 of users level, 2 soulds are released
  • 7 souls required - On next damage roll, up to 4 damage dice can be maximized, 7 souls released

The Orb of Light - Picked up by Rodswell following the fight with Drock in Episode 15, the Orb is still something of a mystery as history checks and asking anyone who might know about it seemed to come up empty. What little we do know is that the Orb is a powerful tool for defeating undead and the more it is used to do that, the 'happier' it gets, giving the user extra powers.
Rodswell never used it for its intended purpose, frequently making the orb angry and causing it to harm him.
After Rodswell's demise, the Orb was last seen in a temple in Overwatch and its current location is unknown.
Edit: The orb resurfaced in Episode 140 after it had been shipped from Overwatch to the Temple of Aumonator in Aubrey. It is currently in the possession of Father Angus White at the temple.

The Weapons of Kord - Said to be imbued with aspects of Kord himself, these three weapons have helped alter the face of Theria throughout the ages.
  • Stormrender: The first of the weapons to appear back in Episode 15. The giant axe was wielded by Drock, the barbarian warlord who sealed himself away from the world centuries ago. After Drock was defeated, Yenward picked it up and and has been making opponents feel its blade ever since. The axe allows its user to use a power named Lightning Storm once per day and the electrical charge that surrounds it has helped to absorb lightning damage on occasion.
  • Kord's Fury: This war hammer was found by Group 3 after defeating the black dragon Kealthorn in Episode 49. Una has been in possession of the hammer since that time and even used it to bash the legendary dragon Straad in the eye. It gives the wielder no specific extra powers but has the ability to reduce wood and stone to splinters and dust.
  • Kord's Gale: This sword is currently in possession of Julie Fairway from the Temple of Kord in Esterholt. It has changed hands many times in the recent past having been used by Fie after it was taken from the corpse of Ian Serverus in Episode 64. Ian came into possession of the sword by questionable means, its previous owner having been found murdered. The sword allows its user to attack twice per round.

I'Alu Reena (The Waters Edge) - This pearl white, etched bow of Elven make was found by Vallus and given to Baranith in Episode 38. After Baranith was killed, Khoury found the bow in Episode 72 and is still in possession of it.

The Staff of Unwavering Light - This polished white staff seems to absorb light and shines brilliantly. It belonged to King Carter until his death in Episode 81 after which it was briefly carried by Diana.
Along with the Orb of Light, the staff was shipped to the Temple of Aumonator in Aubrey and resented to Group 2 in Episode 140 by Father Angus White.
It is believed to be blessed by Aumonator himself and is said to light the users darkest hour as itt enhances a healers power a significant degree.

Psionic Charging:

After attacking for three rounds or following the use of a daily power, Psionic characters have to take a round to charge and during this time can take no other actions.
Charging takes the form of a d20 roll. The result of the roll adds damage to the next attack if it should hit. The bonus damage is as follows:
  • 1...........Half damage
  • 2-5.......+5 damage
  • 6-10.....+10 damage
  • 11-19...+15 damage
  • 20........Double damage

The Gates:
These portals,hidden around Theria are theorized to be a means for powerful beings to quickly travel from place to place. The first was revealed in the White Raven's cave in the Evergreen during Episode 22 and only one other has been located. The second was found by Group 2 while they fought to cleanse Onak-Al in Episode 44.
A third gate was revealed to be Uman' Yiro when Yenward asked Tamlin if he was aware of their existence in Episode 53.

Each gate has a set of symbols carved into them, adding to the mystery but presumably a guide to the exit location after moving through the portal.
The Gate in the Evergreen has these symbols: a snowflake, a mountain, a tree, a bridge, an island or land mass, a pillar and a ship. Touching a symbol causes it to light up and it will stay lit for a time before fading out.
The Gate in Onak-Al wasn't examined enough for a list of symbols, but it is assumed to have the same as the others. Before the group left the room, they gathered all of the research notes which weren't inspected until much later in Episode 87 when Daegon discovers a bracelet hidden inside the spine of a book. The bracelet "pulls" the wearer in the direction of the closest portal.

Briahna was able to open the Evergreen Gate several times but never long enough for a real test. In Episode 22, she opened the gate after having touched the snowflake and Ironhide threw a sword through while it was open and it returned cold to the touch. It closed shortly afterward.

Much later in Episode 118, after Daegon had tried and failed to open the Evergreen Gate. Briahna managed to power it up and she, Poe and all of Group 2 marched through and came out in a field in the mountains above Esterholt.

Random Facts:
  • 'Theria' is the name of the planet, not the land. The geography as we know it consists of "The Mainland" and many smaller islands.
  • There is no chocolate in Theria, but the ingredients to make it do exist.
  • Neither Bags of Holding nor Portable holes exist in Theria.
  • As of Episode 180, only 3 months have passed in game since Group 1 jumped 17 years into the current timeline.