Rikus' Journal

Entry #1

Rikus Journal. Day 35.

We have made it past the city. I can’t help but feel the same way I did when I left a certain other city. My heart breaks everytime I think about it. It just seems strange. While I want to find answers, this group makes me feel like I am a part of a family. It’s just strange. While we were in that wagon, I got time to finally collect my thoughts to see what sort of things I was missing. I looked at everyone’s faces, and I knew that past the anger, the ill feelings, we all truly know that things will work out.

Galford seems to be really attached to me. He has so much anger in his heart, but I also sense some fear. While everyone feels he has his own agenda, part of me can’t believe that. Part of me knows he really cares for each person, even Baranith.

Baranith has been morphing herself recently. I still feel pain for dragging her from the streets, but the dragon was more then we could have handled. I am glad she is with us still. She has gained a lot of enemies here. A lot. And a lot of questions are left to be answered, but that’s within the entire group. She possess something that not many people do. And to hear about her past as a slave…Maybe we have more in common then I know.

Tala has been getting sicker and sicker. I can’t help but think in the back of my head what may happen if she does get sicker. What we will have to do. I promised myself the day I got free, I wouldn’t willingly kill another person I called a friend. Which is why past the arguments we need to keep moving forward and keep moving towards that cure.

Valus has been relatively quiet. He seems to have just a strong attachment to Baranith as Baranith feels towards him. Their relationship is interesting. I don’t know all the back story, but I know the choice to bring Valus back and not using the scroll for Tala has not been a popular choice. Like my mother used to say though, trust everyone until they can’t trust you, so I believe the choice was one that would help the group.

We are nearing Brightport now. Tala seems to be in a worse condition. I hope we find whatever we are looking for to end this illness. I can’t deal with the anger anymore. All I can think about is doing everything to get through this hill, because I know in my heart of hearts this group was brought together for more than a little purpose. We have something bigger to deal with.


Entry #2

The blood is still wet on my skin. I can’t feel my best. The pain is like a thousand whips across my chest. It reminds me what I had to endure back before all this. Before the friendship, the brotherhood, and the knowing that this will all pay off.

Doug hasn’t moved. This has been the biggest challenge for us. The uncertainty of whether or not Tala will be able to make it through has left all of us on the edge. I can see the pain in everyone’s eyes, but others do well enough to mask it. We all don’t know what to feel, or at least I feel that’s what the party is thinking.

If someone’s actions could kill, Galford’s would. Galford seems to still not care much for us. I have given him his due because in our time of trouble, he stepped up, but that gets you so far. I hope Galford understands that eventually his actions will be met with a swift and opposite reaction… if not by me, it will be someone, but part of me hopes that it will be me.

Baranith still isn’t being clear. She seems… secretive. I can’t blame her. After dragging her through the streets of Brightport to avoid her being a victim of a dragon, we never knew she would willingly stick with us, but I feel like she has more to say. She is a fighter, whether she admits it or not. I know it pains her to deliver every blow, and being without control as I raised my hammer above my head, my heart sank. I’ve never been without saying it, but I feel a connection with her. I feel she’s becoming comfortable around death. I think we all are. But it’s that moment where she let everything out that still sticks in my mind.

Trixy still stands to be the biggest mystery. She’s taken a lot of hits. Each hit she takes, I want to jump in to take it for her as well. She stands by herself, but I know she is becoming as attached to our group as the rest of us.

Vallus has been oddly quiet. I guess that’s due to his thrashing of Doug. He’s been helpful, but I still want to know what else he knows, what else he is about… and what his history is like.

We met a prisoner named Daegon. He has powers…. powers I’ve never seen before. I can’t quite describe it. The vision of seeing him fly over a table and punch someone so hard that their chest explodes is something that not in any of my years could I quite comprehend. He casts a sense of fear in the people we face, but I know he has a lot of passion and wants answers for questions of why he was here and why we were here.

My hand is beginning to shake. My vision is poor. This has taken a lot out of us. But nothing can really take away the fact that together we can defeat anything. Doug is dead, and now we can move on to get the answers we so deserve. The answers we all desire. The answers that will end this terrible portion of our lives and give us justice for the wrongful actions of Darksbane… I just hope that I don’t have to make an entry in the blood of my friends.


Entry #3

We have somehow managed to break back into Onak-Al. Whether it be by luck or brute force, we are preparing to end the front that we’ve had to face. I’ve stared death in the face plenty of times, either back home in Durnhollow, or with the interactions with this group. My ability to fear anything now has vanished.

The amount of innocent souls we have seen parish can damage a person, but I can’t look at that right now. Maybe later. Maybe later I can remember that the zombies taking a bite out of my fellow fighters were people just like me. Maybe seeing my fellow brothers moving towards me with my flesh in their eyes before we killed them will make me think of the others we have affected.


No it can’t. It can’t, and it won’t. Right now, I just see war. I see a war that no one truly wins in, but I know we need to fight. We’ve already know seen four members of our party have been bitten. Vallus was forced to take one of those bottles. I don’t understand what the argument was over. I had moved over towards the dragon, so I couldn’t hear it all I could see was Greta giving the bottles of liquid over to Baranith.

From what it looks like, Vallus seems better. He seemed to be a bit stronger and thinking clearer, then again, who can think straight when you have a ghouls surrounding you. Vallus and I may not have talked much, but he has what only few real warriors have, and that is a passion to keep on fighting.

I know a lot of us have been bitten. From what I have comprehend amidst the chaos it’s now five people among the entire sections in Onak-al who are affected. The Pscion Daegon, Baranith, Greta, One of the ravenclaw soldiers, and Hammerhand himself. We need to maintain the privacy of those viles, but make sure we maintain control.

Olanda has never had a fondness for us. No surprise. A true test of a person isn’t who they trust, but when they trust them. I don’t trust a lot of the people I’ve interacted since arriving and taking the job to rid the world of Blackteeth, but I’ve trusted them at key times, and outside of the few incidents involving choices Gal…Gretta made in the face of danger, I’ve never had a reason not to trust those I’ve been with.

I think I’ve found myself through all of this. Through all the blood, screams, pain and all that. I don’t want to be the hero. That’s never been something I saw myself being. I never said, when I left home, that I’d return to ammend the mistakes made by the evil villains of the past. I never have wanted to be the hero that makes the change, but I’ve wanted to be someone who had that influence.

That’s what this has come to. In order for us to accomplish the goal of rebuilding Onak-al, we need to make choices. We don’t need to know if we are making the right ones, or if we are making the wrongs one. Regardless, we just need to make choices.