An abandoned watch tower from a nearly-forgotten war, nestled between Broadtide Bay and The Ivory Peaks, Thunderspire was essentially lost to time and left for any who would find it. Those who did find it were the Minotaurs, driven from their home in the Stonesunder Mountains to the east, they took the watch tower and made it into their new home. The tower was not meant for such great beasts, and living there is troublesome to say the least, but it was the only home to be found. Though the current leader of the Minotaurs, one Lariss Darkhoof, could not say he is happy with the accommodations, he also is not ready to lose his own in another thoughtless war

Notable Residents


  • Approx. 1,900


  • Lariss Darkhoof is the current leader of the Minotaurs but he is nearing the end of his reign.