This walled city of the north is home to a diverse population of different races. Currently led by Lord Nathaniel Serverus, Winterhaven formed the base of operations for the army that marched on the city of Overwatch. It’s wooden walls were replaced with stone after the great siege years prior. A good portion of the city had been burned down and it took more than 3 years for the city to recover. This left it’s people quite reluctant to leave it’s walls or associate with outsiders. With the war over and the major fighting behind them, Winterhaven is entering into a new era. It remains to be seen how this will effect it’s citizens.

Group 1 started their adventuring careers in Winterhaven in Episode 1 where they were all Knighted.
Group 3 helped Group 1 defend the city in Episode 61.

Notable Residents

Places Around Town

  • Winterhaven Hall - Home of the town leaders, currently Nathaniel Serverus
  • Myrkin's Limbs - Prosthetic limb shop, Myrkin Silvershaper, Proprietor
  • The Fancy Gentleman - Inn
  • The Thin Bear - Bar an Eatery


  • 27,000 - 29,000


  • Lord Nathaniel Serverus is the current leader of Winterhaven following the deaths of his parents, but was grievously wounded during the siege of Overwatch when Straad was called in. His current condition is unknown, but the town is being kept in check by a small council.
More to come in Arc 2!